H2-oh no! Fat in water is A Thing

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Have you tried putting butter in your coffee yet? 


The method – now packaged up and branded as Bulletproof by entrepreneur and devotee Dave Asprey – claims that a blend of ultra-pure, high-grade coffee and grass-fed butter creates a cup of morning java that keeps you alert, engaged and full for up to six hours. 


It's garnered a following so cultish that the 42-year-old self-proclaimed 'bio hacker' (that's a fancy name for people who find new ways to feel and perform at their best. Keep up) has just opened his first cafe, in Santa Monica in the US, devoted to his ideas.


And now he's had a whole new brainwave: putting fat in your water.


Yes, Fat Water, as it's been titled, sees two grams of coconut oil blended with regular H20. The result, according to Asprey, is a boost of energy and increased fat-burning capabilities, as well as the ability to suppress one's appetite. 


Most people won't be fattening up their water any time soon, we reckon, but hey – 10 points for effort, guy.

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Butter in your coffee, coconut oil in your water... worth a try, or too grim to contemplate? Tell us what you think in the comments below