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You can't swing a cat these days without hitting advice to eat a proper breakfast (just last week, we had the shock news that healthier folk who go for fruit, eggs, and yogurt in the mornings tend to be more successful).


But this new piece of research is perhaps the most exciting yet. 


In tests carried out by Cardiff University, children who ate a solid meal before school were found to be twice as likely to score well on tests. 


A group of 5,000 children, aged nine to 11, were examined by academics. They were asked to report on what they ate over a 24-hour period then their results in the Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessments (SATs) were followed up by researchers between six and 18 months later.


The study found that the odds of achieving an above-average score on the tests were 50% greater for pupils who ate breakfast than those who didn't.


Study-lead Hannah Littlecott said: “While breakfast consumption has been consistently associated with general health outcomes and acute measures of concentration and cognitive function, evidence regarding links to concrete educational outcomes has until now been unclear.


“This study therefore offers the strongest evidence yet of links between aspects of what pupils eat and how well they do at school." 


10 out of 10. Now here are some fabulous brekkie ideas to get you and the little ones off to a good start every day! 


1. Pomegranate and pistachio bircher-style muesli

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Pretty as you like, this brekkie is packed with delicious oats, plus a pistachio crunch and vibrant fruity bursts from the pomegranate. 


Here's the recipe


2. Super-quick scrambled eggs on toast

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Put that pan away. This bullet-fast method of cooking eggs means that these babies can be on the table faster than you can say "get your coat."


Follow me for the recipe


3. Apple, granola and nut butter rings

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On-the-go perfect, make a load of these peanut butter and granola-filled apple rings the night before, cling film, and banish no-breakfast-days for good.


Click me for the how-to


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