One of the best chefs in the world reveals his favourite food

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Via: Mikkel Heriba / Facebook/ Noma

Ever wondered what makes the most creative chefs out there tick? Is it all foie gras at dawn and micro-basil soufflés? Or are they so tired of haute cuisine that they just fancy beans on toast? 


Well, we now have the answers. 


Chef René Redzepi, co-owner of the infamous double Michelin-starred Noma in Copenhagen, has revealed all in an interview for Culinary Journeys on CNN International. 

His favourite dish is … drum roll, please … chicken livers with mushrooms. That's pretty far away from the ant-festooned works of art he usually serves up at his restaurant. 


As for the set-up of his last meal, again it was nothing swanky. "It would involve my wife, my children and [the dish would involve] lots of berries," he said. 

The topic of Danish cuisine naturally came up in the interview, too. Redzepi explained that while he loves the abundance of natural ingredients in his country and the fact that it's "so untapped as a resource, we can play around with it," he wishes that his fellow Scandis would move away from seeing food merely as fuel. Instead, he'd like them to view it as a "gateway to enjoyment." 


Berries, mushrooms and family time? Guess eating like a top foodie isn't so difficult after all. 



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