The cost of the super-posh fungi has rocketed 67% but chef Angela Hartnett is taking the hit herself

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This might be the biggest first-world problem in the history of ever, but the price of truffles has gone from high to crackers. 


Not chocolate truffles. Fungi truffles: the ones that get nosed out of the forests of Europe and North America by specially trained truffle hounds and hogs, and taste great on creamy pasta, eggs and pretty much everything. 


Prized for their earthy, intense taste, truffles have always cost a pretty penny – but now, a dry season in the foothills of the Italian alps has hampered a major source of the delicacy, which means the cost has soared by 67% with a pound costing up to £800.

This has led to Angela Hartnett, the Italian chef and owner of the Michelin-starred Murano in London's Mayfair, to cap the cost of her truffle-adorned dishes, reports The Independent


For now, any item featuring the coveted addition will factor in only what the restaurant has paid for its truffles rather than whacking up a profit as well.

The former Gordon Ramsay protégé said: “I’d much rather charge the money that covers the cost of the truffles and then [have] people enjoy them and be generous with them, than be stingy. It’s about celebrating the dish, not trying to make cash from it.”


A chef who cares more about the love of the food than the money they can make?





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