The makers of the dark stuff have decided to change their ways

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We hate to gross you out, but there's a slightly disgusting component in the making of Guinness that makes it a little – ahem – unsuitable for veggies and vegans. 


Fish bladders. 




Not as a flavouring, that could be really disturbing. Rather, they're used in the filtration process and work to clarify the stout. As a result, there's been a small but vocal minority of beer-lovers who have campaigned for the Irish brand to make their wares vegan friendly.


And now, they've won out with a promise from the creamy drink's makers to use an alternative method next year – although they haven't given an actual date.


It marks a huge change in the drink's production. Isinglass (the technical term for the bladder product) has been used in the making of Guinness for 256 years. Turns out that recent developments in the world of brewing mean that this particular technique is no longer strictly necessary. 


As Tom Jones says (no, not that one – the vegan Guinness lobbyist one): "The world's vegetarian population is rising and it is increasingly important that brands recognise and adapt to this growing section of the market, especially if they can do so without upsetting meat-eaters or changing their end product."


Looks like everyone's happy now, then. 



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