Thought the cronut was dead? Not a chance. Their creator has released the official recipe. Warning: it's intense

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Official cronut recipe

Via: From a Young Chef / Byron Talbott

Pumpkin spiced cronuts: just try eating these without licking your lips

In a long line of foodie mash-ups from the duffin (doughnut + muffin) to the townie (brownie tart), the most famous is the illustrious cronut.


Combining the best elements of the deep-fried doughnut and buttery-layered croissant, it's truly the best of both worlds. Sinfully delicious.


Now the man who invented them – NYC's fave pastry chef, Dominque Ansel – has released his official recipe. People have tried to recreate his trademarked creation from Berlin to Singapore, but now you can make the real deal in your own kitchen. 


Excited? We were. Until we saw the recipe ... 


Time: 3 hours

You're kidding? He's not. Ansel's simplified cronut dough needs to be started two days before, rested, proved and laminated (which means rolling and folding in a sheet of butter). Phew.



To perform these Heston-eque tasks some serious implements are required. A heavy-duty mixer to beat in a vat of butter, ring cutters, a deep-frying thermometer and piping bags are just for starters.

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Ansel wants you to make croissant dough (notoriously time-consuming), ganache, glaze and flavoured sugar. No shortcuts here then. Not only that, but you've got laminating, deep-frying, filling and piping to contend with. Yikes.


Difficulty rating: extreme


Verdict: don't try this at home

Sorry, Ansel: you've let the cronut out of the bag, but now we want to get out of the kitchen.