The beer brand revealed its ingenious ‘beer body’ response to Protein World’s soon-to-be-removed advert

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Image: Carlsberg responds to controversial beach body ad in the best way

Photo: Facebook / Carlsberg

Are you beer body ready?

In retaliation to that Protein World advert, which the Advertising Standards Authority has investigated and said will no longer appear in its current form, Carlsberg has come up with its own version and it’s the perfect response.


Poking fun at the controversial advert, the beer brand has plastered its poster next to Protein World’s, asking commuters, “Are you beer body ready?”


It also features a bottle of beer wearing some skimpy yellow bikini bottoms. Genius.


The poster will be displayed at Euston, Liverpool Street and Embankment stations in London and the Twittersphere was quick to show its approval

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Gareth Williams

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Bradley Bates

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Keith Crane

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But Protein World still remains unapologetic …

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Protein World

Photo: Twitter / ProteinWorld