Christmas stockings are foiled thanks to #ChocCoinGate

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Image: Cancel Christmas: Cadbury chocolate coins are no more

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It was the tweet that no one wanted to see.


But alas, Cadbury has confirmed that they will no longer be producing chocolate coins. The Christmas stocking-filler of choice for generations of chocolate lovers will be no more because they're “too fiddly” to produce, apparently.


The confectionery giant revealed the festive blow on Twitter, which was quickly dubbed #ChocCoinGate.


In a tweet, the company said: “Chocolate coins have been discontinued however we have lots of other chocolatey treats to try."


As the news spread, chocolate coin fans across the twittersphere called for Christmas to be cancelled. An online government petition was started to reinstate the product (and immediately rejected) but it did get us thinking: could we have another Wispa-style PR campaign on our hands?

Whatever happens, today is a dark, dark day. Pass the chocolate cake.

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