The lucky people of Toronto can drink a 'Ludo's Debt' while reading copies of JK Rowling's most famous magical series. Can we have a Harry Potter-themed bar in the UK? Pretty please?

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Sometimes, life really isn't fair. 


When Robbie left Take That. Half a HobNob falling into your brew, leading to a sad but ultimately unstoppable process of disintegration. And now, Canada's opened up a Harry Potter-themed drinking den before us. Pah.


Despite living in the very country that unleashed Hogwarts, half-blood princes and Hermione into the world, it turns out that we've been beaten to it by a pair of wizard-loving Toronto natives. 




Anyway, the bar looks like a magic aficionado's dream: cocktails are dubbed 'potions and elixirs'; there's a stack of all the Harry Potter books lining the walls and its very name – The Lockhart – is a homage to a Defence Against the Dark Arts professor. They've even proudly displayed a quote in neon, taken from the series' very last line (spoiler alert): "All was well."


The bar's logo is a stag head that looks an awful lot like Harry's patronas and there are Potter dolls dotted about everywhere. You can also order a 'Befuddlement Brew', a 'Shacklebolt' or a 'Ludo’s Debt' to sip. 


Speaking to The Guardian, co-owner Matt Rocks said: “We took ideas from the books and kind of added them to the décor, along with other things that we liked." 


But they may have invoked more of a fandom than anticipated; Rocks adds that a customer turned up in full Slytherin robes during opening week. 


Now that's dedication. 



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