London has only gone and got a private members coffee shop

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Image: Can the world handle a members only coffee shop?

Photo: Via Facebook / Net.Works

Head to SL28 for a new coffee experience

You’ve mastered the caffeine-fuelled lingo, swapped your Nespresso for an AeroPress and you bagged a free coffee from Pret. Congratulations.


How do you take your coffee credentials to the next level? Join London’s first members-only coffee club, SL28, of course. 


Named after a highly regarded coffee bean (right, connoisseurs?), the club is housed in the contemporary and up-and-coming co-working office space Net.Works. You know, the kind of place where creative types go when they don’t want to work from home.

Yes, there are the obligatory exposed bricks and bare lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling, as you would expect to find in any hipster hangout, but this one comes with a monthly £10 price tag – more if you want access to the office space – plus three free coffees.


Founded by Swedish-born barista and manager Per Svensk, there are three Swedish-roasted coffees to choose from: koppi, solde and drop.


Gal Adir, founder of Net.Works, told the Evening Standard: “A lot of people go into coffee shops and have a coffee, and feel uncomfortable staying – how appropriate is it to sit for an hour nursing one coffee? This gives people a chance to come in for an hour and continue with their day."

Hmm. Will this be a caffeine hit or miss? Let's wait and see. 


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Photo: Via Facebook / Net.Works

SL28 will also be serving baked goods, sandwiches and soups

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