However difficult this looks, it really is a piece of cake

Who knew geography lessons could look this good?


Australian food blogger Rhiannon Michell created the edible solar sponge cakes (complete with core, mantle and crust, we’ll have you know) for her schoolteacher sister Sarah to take in for her class. Lucky kids.

While we try to get over the fact that we were never given cake in class, we can tell you that the edible Earth was made from a mix of almond butter cake and lemon and orange Madeira sponge layers, while Jupiter took on the form of a mudcake, almond butter cake and Madeira sponge combo. Mmm ...

Well, this puts the Great British Bake Off technical challenges to shame.


Prepare to be amazed …

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Oh crumbs: the inside of the spherical Earth cake

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Star bake: the Jupiter cake

Get your cake on: how to make a spherical layer cake

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