The search is on for the legendary chocolate gifter

The Milk Tray man's feats of daring are legendary – jumping from helicopters, scaling buildings, all to deliver his love interest a box of chocolates. 


And, with the black polo-neck loving raconteur's 13-year absence from our telly screens starting to feel a little too long, Cadbury is bringing him back into the game. 


A new campaign has been launched to find a successor to the sweet treat carrying crown, by the original fellow himself. 


Actor James Coombes, who played the role in 1987, stars in the latest advert calling for prospective candidates to put themselves forward. 


But things are getting modernised around these parts. 


“The key point is the new Milk Tray man won’t be chosen just for his derring-do, diving off cliffs into shark-infested waters,” said Tony Bilsborough, spokesman for Cadbury. “It will be as much about traits such as thoughtfulness. Leaping off a bridge on to a moving train is not as relevant as it was perhaps in the 1960s, there has to be a little more to gift giving.”


And the application is not restricted to the men folk. 


“What we’ve said is essentially Milk Tray is a brand which is a gift to women,” said Bilsborough. “The invitation to be the new Milk Tray star is open to all. We are not ruling anyone out. But at same time, you have to remember it is traditionally a gift for a woman. We are deliberately keeping our options open.”


We'll be watching this news unfold. But right this second, we just really, really want a strawberry creme. 


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