Because the capital is crying out for more artery-clogging madness. Ahem

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Image: Burgers made out of pizza, doughnuts and Coco Pops are coming to London. Yes, really

Photo: Facebook / PYT 

Unlikely to say after eating one of these: "I'm still peckish."

Feel pretty indulgent already when you order the filthiest, bacon-adorned, cheese-slathered burger on the menu? 


Then this is probably not the pop-up for you. 


PYT (that's Pick Your Topping. Keep up.) is the brainchild of US-based beef aficionado Tommy Updegrove.


Not content with the time-honoured meat and bread formula we all know and love, he's made a career out of stepping up a notch the whole shebang.


Philly cheese steak sandwiched between a halved glazed doughnut, (a mere 1,400 calories) chicken layered between a 'bun' formed of Coco Pops, a veal and lamb patty held together by two slices of deep dish pizza: there's a whole lot of – erm, creative licence, shall we say? – taken with America's hero dish. 


And now, he's coming to our fair isle, with a stall at Mr Hyde's National Burger Day party on Thursday 27 August at Dalston Yard.


Speaking to the London Evening StandardUpdegrove said that if there's a good reaction to his heart-stopping concoctions, he might just open up a permanent​ spot in the capital. 


You have been warned. 

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