If burgers turned goth we reckon that this would kind of nail it

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Image: Nothing to see here, just a black cheeseburger

Via Facebook / Burger King Japan

Isn't this all just a bit overdone?

Yes, you are looking at a burger in a black bun with black sauce and melted black cheese. We'll just let that sink in for a moment.


Now, this might look like something you'd send back in a restaurant or serve at a kids' Halloween party (they’ll eat anything, right?) but no. It’s Burger King’s new culinary creation.


The fast food joint has been selling the Kuro Burger in Japan since 2012, but the addition of the black cheese layer is a new addition for 2014 (19 September if you want to mark the date in your diary).

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Burger King's black cheese

Via Facebook / Burger King Japan

Burger King's black cheese coloured with bamboo charcoal

The bun and ghoulish cheese have been coloured using powdered bamboo charcoal, while the beef burger (of normal colouring) is topped off with an onion and garlic sauce coloured with squid ink. Anyone who finds it too colourless can have it with salad.

There are no plans as of yet to bring the black burger to the UK but if you’d like to munch on one that looks slightly less scary, flip and fry our ultimate burger or Asian turkey burgers with spicy slaw.

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Burger King black burger with salad

Via Facebook / Burger King Japan

Black burger with salad