Nothing divides our nation more than how to make the perfect brew, but now science says it has the answer

A good cup of tea is a thing of absolute beauty and it will never let you down: it’s the one thing we Brits rely on in times of crisis.


But while we drink gallons of the stuff it turns out we're not making it correctly. In fact, we're terrible at making tea. Shocked? Just a bit.


Scientists from University College London put our tea-making habits under the microscope and found that while three-quarters of the nation drinks tea daily, a whopping 80% don’t let it brew for long enough.


What are we doing wrong? According to science, tea needs to be brewed for at least two minutes – and anything up to five minutes – to properly release the flavours.


Professor Mark Miodownik is rather scathing of our ability to make the nation's favourite drink. In fact he compared our methods to “using a laptop to hammer a nail into a wall.” Right.


He wrote in the research conducted for British Science Week: “This may be controversial but the British do not understand how to make tea, or at least they’re not doing it properly.” Ouch. 


Miodownik added in The Telegraph: “Tea is made of 30,000 different chemicals, it’s a very complex thing and those molecules take time to emerge and influence each other.


“I think of all the people who grow and pick these plants in order for you to experience this wonderfully complex drink, and at the last minute Brits throw that all away by brewing it badly.”


So, how do you make the perfect cup of tea? Tell us below. Or check out our handy little guide here.