Market research firm YouGov looked into which lagers the "upper" and "middle" classes prefer

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Are you a Peroni drinker? Then you're probably pretty posh. Well, that's according to a new survey that ranks beers according to income, anyway. 


As reported by The Independent, a poll of members from market research firm YouGov found that 50% of people who cite the Italian beer as their bottle of choice are "middle" or "upper" class. Dutch Heineken was close behind with 45% of its customers in the bracket, followed by French Kronenbourg at 39%. 


Becks and Budweiser were middling in the class rankings with 38% of their customers being affluent. Stella Artois took 36% with Grolsch sitting close behind at 35%. 


Rounding up the bottom three were Foster's (33%), Carling (31%) and Carlsberg (31%). 


Peroni's storm of the "middle" and "upper" classes isn't too much of a surprise, though. The brand declined to be stocked in JD Wetherspoon pubs as they thought the chain "didn’t fit the brand" – in other words, they thought the pubs were too low rent for them. Sting. 



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