Ice-cream revolutionaries The Licktators created the breast milk and vanilla 'treat' in time for the royal birth

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Image: Breast milk ice cream released to celebrate royal baby

Photo: Via Facebook / TheLicktators

Not the kind of ice-cream you're used to …

We're currently hearing whispers that police and sniffer dogs have been spotted outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital where Kate Middleton is due to give birth to royal baby number two. And we know how the nation will celebrate: with a big bowl of jelly and, er, breast milk ice-cream.


That’s right, British ice-cream makers The Licktators and breastfeeding campaigner Victoria Hiley have joined forces to make a breast milk and vanilla ice-cream. Why, you ask? To “remind the Duchess of Cambridge, and mothers around the country, of the benefits of breastfeeding and also how delicious breast milk is, whatever your age.” 

Dubbed the Royal Baby Gaga, this frozen fancy is made from donated breast milk (which, they say, has been screened in line with hospital standards) mixed with Madagascan vanilla.

Um, yum?

However, this ice-cream is not without its controversy: in 2011, Hiley and The Licktators launched the Baby Gaga breast milk ice-cream (Hiley provided 852ml of milk which was enough to make the first 50 servings). Lady Gaga threatened to sue them because of the name (the company refused to change it) and within a week of going on sale at a store in Covent Garden, the ice-cream was removed from sale by Westminster council for safety tests.


For round two, there will be 500ml tubs on sale at a limited number of stockists. The makers are clearly still hedging their bets for guessing the royal baby's gender as the ice-cream is packaged in both pink and blue tubs.


The Licktators have also published the recipe online so mums can make the ice-cream at home. OK, then …

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Breast Milk Ice Cream

Photo: Via Facebook / TheLicktators

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