The power couple found faked bottles of their Miraval Rosé wine being advertised in China

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Image: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fall victim of wine fraud

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The superstars cracked down on the counterfeiters

Summer means one thing: rosé.


And if you haven’t been checking your celebrity-wine-release calendar, you may not know that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt do a pretty nice bottle. 

However, while they might be used to their films being pirated, the film stars’ wine has now fallen victim to Chinese counterfeiters.


The Perrin family, who joined forces with the Hollywood couple to produce their critically acclaimed Miraval Rosé from their vineyard in France, have found evidence of faked bottles being advertised in China.


Talking to, wine maker Marc Perrin said: “We are already seeing evidence of faked bottles being produced and distributed in China, so we have moved swiftly to counter it.”


How? Well, the bottle now comes with anti-counterfeit protection. Yes, that’s a thing.

The blend of grenache, carignan, syrah and rolle will now come with an engraved hallmark set into the foot of the glass bottle to prove it's the real deal.


The wine is worth checking out: the couple's first vintage sold out within hours and waiting lists have formed for subsequent years. Is it any good? Well, as our budget won’t allow for a plane ticket to the estate, we must live vicariously through the Wine Spectator who called it “outstanding”.

‘A’ for effort, Brad and Ange. Just remember people: get that magnifying glass out and check for the engraving.