Industry experts fear there could soon be a shortfall of a million tonnes of cocoa a year

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Image: Are we really running out of chocolate?

Photo: Dan Jones

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It's the news that no-one wants to hear: we could be heading for a chocolate shortage.


Switzerland’s Barry Callebaut Group (a huge company which provides chocolate to global brands and artisan bakers) has said that cocoa crops cannot keep up with the soaring demand – and it could be happening as soon as 2020. Brace, brace!

According to the company, cocoa prices have risen by a quarter in the last year and peaked at £2,000 a tonne in August, which, according to chief executive Juergen Steinemann, is down to the “potential shortage.”


This echoes the fears raised by Mars Inc in 2012 of a global shortage of cocoa, with Fiona Dawson, the then UK president, saying that we “may suffer a 1 million tonne shortage by 2020 because of the increasing economic and environmental pressure on cocoa farms.”


So, if people are consuming more cocoa than farmers are able to produce, you might want to stockpile a few bars (any excuse, right?).

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