Picture this: it’s been a long day, you open a well-deserved bottle of wine and next morning you wake up fresh as a daisy. It could become a reality

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Image: Booze that doesn’t give you a hangover is here. Really

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Ladies and gentlemen, science has been put to good use. Professor Yong-Su Jin and his team at Illinois University say they may have discovered the key to hangover-free booze.


Erm, brilliant.


The scientists used what they're calling a "genome knife" to alter the DNA of yeast strains used in fermentation. In short, the team were able to identify and remove individual genes which give your tipple certain characteristics, including compounds which might contribute to hangovers.


Study leader Jin, whose finding were published in the Applied and Environmental Microbiology journal, said: “Say we have a yeast that produces a wine with great flavour and we want to know why.


“We delete one gene, then another, until the distinctive flavour is gone, and we know we’ve isolated the gene responsible for the characterictic.”


He also found that winemakers could use the same technology to improve fermentation and reduce the amount of toxins created as byproducts and which may cause hangover symptoms.


Which sounds really interesting, from a science perspective, obviously.