So chocolate is more nice than naughty, now? *Crosses fingers*

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Image: This chocolate claims to make skin look 30 years young

Lee McCoy / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: chocolatereviews

Forget those expensive "miracle" creams, there’s a new way to get younger-looking skin. Apparently. If you think it almost sounds too good to be true, we're right with you.


Researchers at Cambridge University spin-off lab Lycotec claim to have developed a new chocolate which slows down the emergence of wrinkles and sagging skin while boosting antioxidant levels and increasing circulation. They claim this keeps skin looking silky smooth and wrinkle-free.


No, we haven’t been drinking in the office. Promise. 


The researchers claim just a small 7.5g bar of the “Cambridge Beauty Chocolate” (yes, it is really called that) can change the underlying skin structure of a 50-year-old to that of someone in their 30s. Magic powers indeed.


According to the lab, tests showed that after four weeks of eating the anti-ageing chocolate every day, tests on volunteers found an increase in blood supply to the skin less evidence of inflammation.


Dr Ivan Petyaev, founder of Lycotech, told The Telegraph: “We used people in their 50s and 60s and in terms of skin biomarkers we found it had brought skin back to the levels of a 20- or 30-year-old.


“People using it claimed that their skin was better and we can see that the product is working to slow down ageing.”


Don’t expect it to sit among the Crunchie bars in the corner shop though, it is said to only be available in an as-yet unnamed high end retailer from next month.


And what does the wider world think? Professor Naveed Satta from Glasgow University said more tests were needed before these “ridiculously strong” claims can be shown to be true. He added: “Eating too much chocolate means more calories, which means obesity.”


Consider that reality well and truly checked.