"Tamal can fill my biscuit box" says Twitter. Oo er. The 29-year-old trainee anaesthetist, Tamal Ray, has got the BBC1 show's viewers all flustered

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Via: The Great British Bake Off / Love Productions / BBC

Hot tamale. Things are heating up in The Great British Bake Off tent. But we're not talking pre-heating to 180˚C or torching (or not) a crème brûlée. Oh no. It's 29-year-old trainee anaesthetist​ Tamal Ray that's getting the BBC1 show's viewers all warm under their collars.


Aside from his wizard-like touch with all things sweet – injecting flavoured syrups into cakes, twisting bread into bike shapes – the bearded baker has pretty-boy looks that have sent social media into a lusty, innuendo-fuelled meltdown. 


We've been seeing statements like this:

tamal can fill my biscuit box

— robyn (@ucrazyutaraptor) August 12, 2015

and this:

I would like to declare my love for Tamal. He's so beautiful. Beautiful like bread. Bake me bread, Tamal, you crusty temptress. #gbbo

— John Walker (@botherer) August 19, 2015

And when, via some serious Instagram stalking we see that he made a spectacular four-tier wedding cake for his sister, we can really see why the internet is going quite so crackers for the Manchester local. 

Factor in the man himself telling us that he can't watch this week's episode because he's oh, only on a 12-hour shift at a hospital, probably saving lives

Bake off day! Sadly I won't be watching as I'm working tonight 😪. Feel free to tweet innuendo laced updates #telltamal #hardtimes #GBBO

— TAMAL RAY (@DrRayBakes) September 2, 2015


… and surely you can see why he melts our hearts like a chocolate fondant. This Tweeter really sums it up: 

Tamal puts the 'bae' in Great British Bake Off. #GBBO

— Stuart (@stuartkp) August 19, 2015

So there we have it. But, before we leave you, take a peek at this gooseberry and elderflower Victoria sponge he made a few weeks ago. 

Tamal/ Dr Ray/ the hottest Bake Off contestant yet: you keep on doing your thang.

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Via: The Great British Bake Off / Love Productions / BBC / Giphy.com

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