This is what happens when the globe develops a collective obsession

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Looks like it might be time to switch up your brunch order, people. Avocados are about to get a lot more expensive.


Global demand – driven by a move away from low fat diets and, of course, Instagram (nearly three millions hashtags for the fruit and counting) coupled with some poor harvests are going to mean one thing: up, up, up the prices go. 


According to trade magazine The Grocer, sales of the creamy green oval are up 25% in the UK. It's happening at a time when bad weather in the Mediterranean means that production is expected to fall by 30%. More expensive and a potential global shortage? If you love avo like we do, this is very bad news indeed.


It gets worse as the supply from south America is also under threat with Peru – which is a big importer of the Hass variety – now exporting to China, where a spike in demand there could mean we struggle even more to get enough for everyone's toast.


Luckily, the land of ceviche is expecting to double the amount of avos they grow by 2020 – so hopefully, this won't be a problem for too long. 


In the meantime – anyone for pancakes, instead? 



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