If you thought the green stuff was destined for great things, you’d be right because avocado mayonnaise is coming. Oh yes

Picture this: it’s summer (yes, we know, it’s hard to imagine) and there’s a coleslaw, BLT or burger that needs dressing. The obvious choice is a couple of squirts of mayo, right? Well, that was before avocado mayonnaise entered the condiment ring …


Created by Primal Kitchen, this green mayo is made with avocado oil, organic eggs, egg yolks, organic vinegar, salt and is paleo-approved. Obvs. It may not be a pretty thing, but it's a tasty thing. 


As with all good foods, there is a downside: this particular brand of mayo isn’t available in the UK yet.  But before you throw those avocados out of the fridge in protest, it’s pretty easy to make your own.


As if we needed another reason to fuel our avo addiction. After all, life's too short to commit to an exclusive relationship with avocado, toast and a poached egg. 


Watch and learn, our dear avocado-eating friends ...

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