Say hello to crickets with your quesadillas. Have you caught beetlemania yet?

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Image: Are you ready to eat insects? Crickets go mainstream at Wahaca

Via Wahaca / PR

Beetlejuice: chapulines fundido (made with grasshoppers) at Wahaca

Every now and then there is a lobby to put insects on mainstream menus, but it has never quite happened – until now.


Wahaca, the award-winning sustainable Mexican street food restaurant founded by MasterChef winner Thomasina Miers, has put a new special on the menu and the main ingredient is crickets.


No, this isn’t a gimmick. Rather than served up as part of a dare or weird eating competition, the insects are served in tacos and quesadillas. While this might make some wince, 15,000 plates of the creepy crawlies were sold every week in January.


This isn’t the first time Wahaca have dipped their toes into the world of entomophagy (aka eating insects) as they whipped up chapulines fundido, a fried grasshopper dish served with salsa, queso fundido (a gratin of mozzarella and cheddar cheese) and corn tortillas, in 2013.


They're now considering making creepy crawlies a permanent feature on the menu. With sustainability set to be a big food trend this year, could Wahaca convince you to swap your steak for an alternative protein form, insects?

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