If Willy Wonka made packaging, it might look a bit like this

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Frozen yoghurt pearls

Imagine eating your morning yoghurt then finishing it off by scoffing the packaging too. Imagine no more because edible packaging is now a thing.


Harvard professor and biomedical engingeer David Edwards has invented WikiPearl (previously called WikiCell) in an attempt to replace food packaging.


Made with natural food particles, the durable and water-resistant skins are designed to protect and cover a bite-sized portion of food.


First to get a makeover? Yogurt. Organic dairy company Stonyfield have used the technology to create the Frozen Yogurt Pearl – a small scoop of ice cream covered in a coconut-, peach- or strawberry-flavoured skin.


Eric Freedman from WikiFoods told the Guardian: “It’s important we don’t only look at this as a way to reduce plastics in packaging, but also in the context of how nature creates its own biodegradable packaging, like the skins of fruits.”


With the UK now throwing away 18 million tonnes of food every year, rethinking how we package products is a hot conversation topic and this isn’t the first Wonka-style product.


New York company Loliware has developed a range of edible cups made from agar (a vegetarian substitute for gelatine) while last year, students from Imperial College in London made an edible water bottle, called the Ooho.


Would you buy food in edible packaging? Let us know below …

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Eat up: Loliware's edible cup