There's a new name and an online community group for what happens when meat-eaters and vegetarians meet in the middle

Once upon a time, there were two types of people: meat-eaters and vegetarians. Life is no longer so simple now fruitarians, vegans and pescetarians have joined the party.  


But what about a non-veggie who’s eating less meat? Well, there’s a new name for that  hint: the answer isn’t "flexitarian".


Being a "reducetarian" is now a thing – and there’s a pledge to take, too.


Combining Meat Free Monday and flexitarianism into one nice neat package, by taking the reducetarian pledge a person commits to eating less meat, choosing higher quality products and reducing dairy and seafood consumption for 30 days (although the idea is that you would continue with this lifestyle afterwards). 


Brian Kateman, founder of the Reducetarian community group, said in a TedxTalk last year: “By choosing to eat meat sometimes, as opposed to never eating meat, you alter your moral standards for primal urges and convenience.


“These perceptions matter. The seemingly innocuous labels used to describe our eating choices matter a great deal.”


What are his tips for reducetarian success? Read on:

  • If you eat meat for lunch, skip it for dinner
  • Participate in Meat-free Monday or choose your own day
  • Eat grass-fed meat instead of conventionally produced factory farmed livestock
  • Reduce your portion (ie an 8 oz steak instead of a 16 oz)

Want to know more? Check out Kateman's TedxTalk:

Brian Kateman, founder of the Reducetarian blog, at the TedxTalk via YouTube

Would you consider taking the reducetarian pledge? Let us know in the comments box below ...