New research has revealed that the science behind wheat-free diets is 'surprisingly thin'

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Image: Are wheat free diets a load of nonsense?

Steph / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: Gwendy

Most of us know someone who has "gone wheat-free" over the last few years (hello Gwynnie and the clean-eating clan) but a new study published this month suggests that we should be sticking with whole grain foods.


Researchers from the University of Warwick undertaking research on behalf of Weetabix found that there was “overwhelming evidence” that foods such as cereal and bread had “clear health benefits.”


Rob Lillywhite, seniors research fellow at Warwick University’s school of life sciences, said: “Apart from the two per cent of the population who suffer from coeliac disease or other sensitivities or intolerance to wheat, there is overwhelming evidence of clear health benefits of a whole grain based diet featuring store cupboard staples such as bread and cereal made from lightly processed wheat.”


While many people now shop in the “free-from” aisle, omitting wheat and gluten from their diets, the review suggested that 98% of the UK population would benefit from eating a balanced diet that contains whole grain foods such as wheat.


While we wait for more research to be done, we reckon we’ll have that second slice of toast – just in case.