Today is the day to trust no-one ...

Ah, April Fools’ Day, the day where paranoia reigns.


Have you made it out of the front door without being subjected to a cruel, cruel prank? Well, congratulations.


Don't get cocky mind, the day is not over yet and it seems everyone wants to get involved in the mischief.


Here, for your enjoyment (or realisation), are the best, worst and downright weird foodie tricks and hoaxes people are trying to fool you with. 

The one we wish were true: The Costa Kip

OK, we’re quite upset that this isn’t real. Costa’s ostrich pillows (think a padded space helmet) finally make it acceptable to doze off at your table.


Just hear the cries of students and busy workers everywhere.

Who are you trying to kid: Walker’s self seasoning crisps

Crisps aficionados, it’s time to celebrate because Walker’s claim to have developed the first ever "self-seasoning potato”. *Coughs*


The story goes that farmers have adopted techniques like watering the potato plants with vinegar and sprinkling salt on them (hello over there salty and vinegar crisps) or rolling wheels of cheese across the earth that’s also planted with onions (nice to see you, cheese and onion), so that the spuds come out of the ground ready-flavoured.


In your dreams (and possibly ours), Walkers.

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Via Twitter/Walkers_Crisps

The one people seem to believe: pepperoni pizza beer

So Twitter seems to think this is true, but we’re calling April Fools on Pizza Hut because nothing sounds more disgusting than pepperoni pizza beer.


Just no. 

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Pizza beer

Via Twitter/PizzaHut

The weird one: Marmite Clear

“Clear” Marmite would make for a very confusing breakfast experience but nonetheless the makers of the yeasty spread have tried to fool us with the latest member of the love-it-or-hate-it family.


Apparently, psychologists say that “eating dark-coloured foods for breakfast can provoke feelings of negativity” but this “light” and “positive” Marmite will keep you feeling chipper all day long. And smile. 

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Via Twitter/Marmite

And from the papers: the Screen Savour

Call us cynical but we find it hard to believe that you can “taste” images on your smartphone.


According to The Telegraph, spokesperson Dr Noonien Tang from Malaysian communication firm Maxis (who has supposedly launched the Screen Savour), said: “The Screen Savour takes on the flavour profile of any food item on your mobile screen.


“When a picture appears under the Screen Savour sheet, the chromatophores change colour to make an exact replica of that picture. We fused this with a smartchip with cells from an electric eel, so now the chip is able to produce bioelectrical pulses that force the chromatophores to release oils which taste like whatever they look like at the time.”


Yeah, we totally believe you, Dr Tang.

So you think you're funny? What are the best (and worst) April Fools you've seen today? Dish the dirt in the comments below ...