Eco-friendly, packed with protein and, erm, delicious? Chef Jozef Youssef reckons creepy crawlies are the future of gastro dining

Creepy crawlies are the answer to feeding our ever over-populating world – so we've been told a dozen times


But what about chowing down on scorpions for the health benefits and taste? Well, Chef Jozef Youssef, who formerly worked at the Fat Duck, is using them in dehydrated powders and mousses in his kitchen residency at Maida Hill Place from 1 October until December.


"From a dietary and sustainability point of view, insects are the way forward. The protein content, gramme-for-gramme (sic), is on a par with chicken," Youssef said, speaking to the Evening Standard.


Meanwhile, London restaurant El Patron in Putney will host a menu of baby scorpions, buffalo worms and Mexican grasshoppers. Co-owner Aiste Bart told the Evening Standard: "We have a nice selection of water bugs, chapulines and locusts. There's nothing like it in terms of textures."


So can the brave folk in the kitchen convince terrified punters that they really do want insects for dinner? Only time will tell. 



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