We all know bees make lots of honey, but it turns out they're also making the UK plenty of money, too – about £651m a year to be exact

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The bees are beating the Royal Family by bringing £150m more into the UK each year

The latest buzz? Bees are creating serious cash for the UK economy.


In fact, a new report in the science journal Nature Communications has shown that pollinating bees contribute an estimated £651m to the British economy, which just so happens to be £150m more than the Royal Family is reported to bring to the country through tourism.


Busy bees are responsible for saving 85% of apple and 45% of strawberry crops through pollination. And pears, blueberries, tomatoes and plums also need bees to thrive, according to researchers from the University of Reading, as they are intrinsic to their reproduction in the wild.

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However, rapeseed crops are where bees' big economic impact lies, as farmers depend on bees to cross-pollinate the flowers. Their contributions have gone from £220m in 1996 to £651m in 2012, reports The Telegraph.


Professor Simon Potts, director of the Centre ofr Agri-Environmental Research (CAER) at the University of Reading, said "It is critical to protect a wide range of bees and other insects now so that, as Britain’s climate, environment and crop varieties change, we can call on the pollinating species which are best suited to the task."


Now that's a reason to help save the bees, if ever we heard one.

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