Scientists have debunked the myth that coffee and caffeine affect your heart's rhythm

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Coffee: aromatic, delicious and … a vice? 


That's the theory that's peddled most of the time, anyway. From giving us liquid jetlag to keeping us all in the throes of an unhealthy addiction, it seems like all the news around our beloved flat whites is somewhat less than positive. 

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Which is why new research from medical journal BMC Medicine comes as a very welcome surprise. 


The study, which looked into the interplay between a cup of java and instances of atrial fibrillation (that's when your heart experiences rapid or irregular beating) found that there was no link between the two. 



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The study, conducted by academics at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, took place over 12 years and on 41,881 men and 34,594 women. 


Of the findings, Susanna Larsson, associate professor of epidemiology at the university, said: "This is important because it shows that people who like coffee can safely continue to consume it, at least in moderation, without the risk of developing this condition.”


Naturally, we're not advising that necking espressos post-3pm is a good shout, but hey – we'll take what we can get on this one. 



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