A new survey has revealed that children know worryingly little about where meat comes from and how vegetables are produced

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Image: A fifth of children don’t know that bacon comes from pigs

Photo: Cyclone Bill /  CC-BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: cyclonebill

Oink oink

Kids sometimes say the funniest things.


However, a new survey has revealed that they know little about where their food actually comes from, which isn't so funny.


Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF), which is a sustainable food and farming organisation, surveyed 1,000 children and found that one in five of them did not know that bacon came from pigs, while one in 20 believed that the animals actually produce cheese.

There was similar confusion over where our fruit and vegetables come from.


About 5% of children surveyed said that they believe strawberries grow inside the fridge, while 6% think they grow on trees.


In addition, over a quarter admitted that they didn’t know that carrots were grown in the ground, with 9% thinking that the orange veggies came from a bush.


Annabel Shackleton from LEAF told The Mirror: “Results show that there is still a disconnect with farming for today’s youngsters, as well as for many parents.


“We must all work together to ensure that this does not become an increasing trend.”


However, it seems that the little ones are not alone as a similar survey carried out on 1,000 adults by LEAF found that one in 10 of us think that every farmer smokes a pipe, while a quarter expect to see them wearing a tweed jacket.




School is not out yet, then.