Scientist Stefan Gates whipped up some mince pies made with mealworms, beetle larvae and locusts – and people ate them. Tasty!

Ah, mince pies. A sure sign that Christmas is a-coming. But alongside the usual dried fruit and spices you expect to find inside, these bad boys have a few added ingredients: mealworms, beetle larvae and locusts. Yes, you read that right.


Say hello to the mince fly. The creepy crawly Christmas treat was developed by Big Bang Fair UK and food scientist Stefan Gates in an attempt to raise awareness of sustainable food during the Christmas period.


Gates said: “If we want to be able to feed a growing population, even at Christmas people need to be open to new food adventures and look beyond traditional favourites such as turkey, goose or gammon.


“With nearly 2,000 known edible insect species to try, supplementing our diet with insects is one solution to combat rising food prices and then environmental impacts of traditional livestock farming.”


And they don’t taste too bad either, apparently. Don’t believe us? Well watch what happened when Gates took a plateful of the pies to London’s Borough Market. 

Would you try a mouthful of mince fly? Let us know below …


Rather have a proper Christmas treat? Help yourself!

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