Thought it was a universally known truth that the BLT reigned in the sandwich world? How wrong you were

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Image: And Britain’s favourite lunch is … a cheese sandwich

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What do you fancy for lunch? Sushi? A quinoa salad? A butter bean hummus wrap?


It turns out that when it comes to weekday lunching, it's the humble cheese sandwich that reigns.


And boy, do we Brits love a good sandwich. 


So much so that according to a new survey by Lurpak, which researched the eating habits of 2,000 office workers, 32% of us tuck into the same lunch every single day, with the average person having done so for nearly four and a half years.


Translated into meals, that’s 1,000 lunchtime cheese sarnies in a row.


The research, which was commissioned by Lurpak, found that most of us start thinking about lunch around 10am (guilty) and spend an average of £13 a week.


So, what were the runners-up of the lunchtime championships?


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2nd place: ham sandwich

3rd place: chicken sandwich

4th place: salad

5th place: other sandwich

6th place: tomato soup

7th place: pasta

8th place: vegetable soup

9th place: wrap

10th place: microwave meal

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