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Standing out in the saturated fried chicken landscape? It's a hard egg to crack. (Sorry.) 


But one Australian brand is trying out a daring new move in the bid to assert its feathery self and draw attention to its specific brand of battered poultry. 


Chicken Treat (which also deals in rotisserie meat and burgers, thank you very much) has set itself a tricky task: to get its mascot bird, Betty, to tweet out a five letter word from the English language. 


She's living the life of clucky riley, in a plush pen with a keyboard and computer, for pecking at and posting whenever she sees fit. 


Here's a glimpse into her abode. 

Her tweets haven't been massively insightful so far, with thoughts like 


='p;0////// = 1Z B 9KI0P; #chickentweet

— Chicken Treat (@ChickenTreat) October 15, 2015




c ;; #chickentweet

— Chicken Treat (@ChickenTreat) October 15, 2015


a common theme. 


We'll keep you posted on how she gets on. 


Godspeed, Bets. 



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