Turns out, we're loving the salty little fish right now. Here's how to use them in cooking

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Anchovies: step forward. For so long, maligned – a salty treat enjoyed perhaps atop a pizza for the rarefied few – and now claiming a place in the palettes of the nation. 


New research from 430 locations of high-street stalwarts Pizza Express has found the sales of sizzling, mozzarella-flecked wheels crowned with the tinned fish are up by a whole 16.5% in the last year. 


But the little flavour bombs don't need to be reserved solely for Friday night takeaway. Pep up a load of dishes with their strong, savoury kick and be very please with yourself indeed. 


Here are some of our favourite ideas.


1. Roast rib of beef with salsa verde

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Diced up anchovy in this herby, garlicky sauce is a touch of heaven. 


Here's the recipe


2. Anchovy butter

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Pound up some 'chovies to a paste and work through butter, before rolling into a log. Perfect for adding depth of flavour to a spaghetti dish or risotto.


Follow me for the recipe


3. Spaghetti puttanesca 

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A pure store cupboard ingredient delight for lazy evenings when only twirls of pasta will do.


Here's the how-to


4. Spicy kale salad

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Jazz up your lunch with an anchovy-spiked dressing. You won't look back.


Recipe here


5. Courgette and anchovy pizza

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This is an amazing meld of fresh and salty. Oh-so good. 


Click for the recipe




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