Would you like your drink shaken, stirred or milky?

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Image: A pub for tea drinkers may soon be coming to London

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Stick the kettle on

Nothing comes between us and our tea. Got it?


So when we hear the news that an entrepreneur wants to launch London's first specialist tea pub, serving tea by day and tea-based cocktails at night, we don't ask, "Why?"


Instead, we ask, "When?"


Although we do also quite want to know why.


"Lots of British tea experiences have become a bit of a joke," says Alex Holland, the man behind pub-for-tea Brew. "I want it to be taken as seriously as wine and coffee. Why do we accept such poor-quality tea? It’s easier to get a good pot in Paris."


Holland, who is backed by food entrepreneurs Giuseppe Mascoli (founder of Franco Manca) and Iqbal Wahhab (founder of Roast/Cinnamon Club) is hoping to raise £180,000 from a Crowdcube campaign to get Brew open in Balham this autumn. They have currently raised over £117,720.


In addition to serving up pots of tea and tea-based cocktails like green tea martinis, English breakfast martinis and Lapsang Old Fashioneds, the pub will have light snacks and cakes to complement their tea offerings.


"The creamy cakes that hotel tea rooms serve tend to only go with one type of tea. We’ll provide a wider variety of lighter, less milky cakes like orange and polenta cake, for example," Holland told BuzzFeed.


"Another example is that cheese pairs really well with certain teas like Oolongs and we’ll offer people the opportunity to do that with a savoury as well as sweet tea in the afternoon service.


"We’ll also serve substantial sourdough from Bread Bread bakery and top-quality porridge, hearty salads and sandwiches and charcuterie and cheeses in the evening."


If funded, the pub plans to source tea directly from growers in India and to hire ex-offenders through the mentoring programme Switchback.


Sounds like a well-brewed idea.


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