How has this not been invented until now? Google has launched an amazing new feature that allows you to see when a specific business will be at its busiest

One sure-fire way to spoil lunch? Having to queue for an hour to get it.


Thankfully, clever search engine Google is here to save the day, thanks to a new feature rolled out this week that lets users know when specific businesses are most likely to be busy.


The next time you search for a business – your favourite coffee shop, local supermarket or lunch spot – look out for the 'popular times' tab at the bottom of the location card that lets you know when your destination of choice is most likely to be busiest, based on previous activity.


Swipe through the panel to get an idea of hectic times and foot traffic throughout the week, hour by hour.


"Do you ever find yourself trying to avoid long lines or wondering when is the best time to go grocery shopping, pick up coffee or hit the gym (hint: avoid Monday after work)? You’re in luck!" reads a post on Google+, which highlights the new feature.


"Now, you can avoid the wait and see the busiest times of the week at millions of places and businesses around the world directly from Google Search.


"For example, just search for 'Blue Bottle Williamsburg', tap on the title and see how busy it gets throughout the day. Enjoy your extra time!"


Who's keen to book in a mani appointment next lunch break, then?

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