Is it time for #wewantglasses?

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Of course! It's the perfect receptacle for a cocktail. How have we missed it all this time?! 

Ladies and gentleman, it's our pleasure to announce we've officially reached peak hipster. 


What's prompted this, you ask? Could it be yet another craft brewery staffed by barmen who look like lumberjacks with high-fashion modelling contracts?




A restaurant serving only salt and vinegar chipsticks while playing early 90s R&B?




Instead, it's the news that a London cocktail bar is serving a whisky concoction in a hot water bottle – before decanting it into a slipper. 




The Soho-based Cocktail Trading Company debuted the drink in the latest issue of Time Out magazine. To be fair, it sounds pretty delicious – apple juice, fig liqueur, rooibos tea plus whisky – but the people of Twitter were quick to respond. 


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Sadly, the language in the other responses is a tad too, erm, colourful to post here. 


A quick look at the bar's Instagram page reveals this isn't the first time it has chosen an unusual vessel to serve its fare from. 


Like this welly

And this little skip

Even this snowglobe. Hmmm




Could this be the cataclysmic point at which the new trendy becomes a simple case of beverages sipped from – gasp – glasses?


Only time will tell. 



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