One glass of wine can make you appear more beautiful, but don’t reach for a second

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Image: A glass of wine makes you more attractive according to science

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Drinking just one glass of wine can make you look more attractive – even if your date is stone cold sober. Erm, brilliant! 

Scientists have said it's true, so it must be right, right?


A new study by Bristol University changes everything we thought we knew about beer goggles. According to this study, it is the person who has consumed the booze that looks better. 


It's all to do with how a glass of vino can make us relax, which makes us appear more attractive. This study had nothing at all to do with the age-old theory that drinking alcohol makes other people seem more attractive. Still with us? Good.


Researchers asked a group of sober students to rate 40 photos of another group of students, who had consumed different levels of alcohol, on how attractive they seemed to be.


The people in the first set of photos taken after just one drink (the equivalent of 250ml of wine) were deemed more attractive than those who hadn't had any booze.


Further images showed people after drinking more alcohol: those who had drunk too much were rated as being less attractive. No surprise there. 


According to the scientists who conducted the study just one drink causes facial muscles to relax, pupils to dilate and cheeks to flush – all considered to be sexually alluring attributes.


Marcus Munafo, professor of biological psychology at the university, said: “Rosiness is attractive because it characterises good physical health.


"In addition to perceiving others as more attractive, an alcohol consumer may also be perceived by others as more attractive, and therefore receive greater sexual interest from potential mates.


 “An increase in such attention from others may also positively reinforce alcohol consumption, particularly in social contexts.


“That obviously doesn't mean that alcohol is healthy, what it means is that alcohol is sort of hijacking that mechanism, or promoting the aspects of facial features that we regard as attractive for other reasons.”