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Pretty impressive, huh? This apparent baking feat of sponge-and-sugar wizardry has been achieved by the very clever (and possibly magical) husband-and-wife duo behind Cornwall's Peboryon Cakes.


Christine and Phil Jensen debuted their Star Wars-themed floating wedding cake at the Cake International Show 2015, held at Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre – and have understandably nearly broken the Internet. 


With a chocolate-headed-and-brandy-spiked-fruit-sponge Yoda seemingly holding the floating rotating top layer of elderflower and lemon layer cake in motion, the couple clearly have the power of The Force on their side. 


"It's both simple and complicated to achieve," Christine tells us. "All you need is a Jedi Master, plenty of self-raising flour, and some good Cornish butter."

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There goes our hopes of making something similar …


"We've always done elaborate, sculptural cakes, so eight months ago we sat down and tried to think about how far we could take it. We came up with the idea of a levitating cake and went from there," she adds.


Phil (whose former work in the architecture industry may have a little something to do with the feat) and Christine use all lovely local ingredients to build their creations – as well as foraging for fruit to put in their jam fillings. 

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So, what's the best part of bringing a marvellous floating masterpiece to the attention of the Great British public? 


"Watching little children get lifted up to the cake and be all awestruck to see that it was actually suspended," Christine says.


Despite being based at the furthest end of the country in Penzance, the pair supply their fancy bakes as far afield as Manchester and London. And next on the list is to take this one step further: the duo are setting their sights on international domination.


"We've had phone calls from people around the world who are interested in our cakes," notes Christine. "After all, if we can get a cake to levitate, we should be able to get it to the Bahamas. There's been some interesting conversations with potential clients – watch this space." 


So how can this science-meets-sweets brand team top what they've already done? Short of sending a battenberg into orbit, we're not sure. But we'll certainly be watching with pretty serious anticipation. 


No pressure, guys. 



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