On your marks … get set … bake!

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Image: 9 Things We’ve Learnt From The Great British Bake Off (Yes, We’re Looking At You Soggy Bottom)

Via: Great British Bake Off / Love Productions / bbc.co.uk

Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry on the set of The Great British Bake Off

Ah, The Great British Bake Off.


If you ever needed confirmation of why we love Paul, Mary and those chirpy home bakers, just look at how many key life skills they've taught us ... 

Cherries sink

The first technical challenge of this year’s series was all about the sinking cherries: some bakers washed, some dried, and some floured, but few succeeded.

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Cherry Cake

Via: Great British Bake Off / Love Productions / bbc.co.uk


Never EVER take someone’s pud out of the freezer


Our baking beliefs were shaken to their very foundations by the great baked alaska meltdown.


Diana Bear, aka the alleged ice-cream villain, removed Iain Watters’ baked alaska from the freezer while it was setting in the showstopper challenge.  The bearded builder stormed out in a melted mess and sulked on a nearby hill – before being booted off the show and causing a national outcry. 

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Iain's Baked Aslaska

Via: Great British Bake Off / Love Productions / bbc.co.uk


Or mess with their custard, for that matter ...

This was a crime that also got the nation talking and trended on Twitter last year: the day contestant Howard Middleton became the victim of custard theft at the hands of fellow baker Deborah. “Custardgate” was a more than trifling disaster.

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Via: Great British Bake Off / Love Productions / bbc.co.uk


Caramel and grapes are a thing

We know we've said this before but dipping grapes in caramel is pure genius. We’ll be stealing that idea – thanks, Chetna.

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Chetna's caramel grapes

Via: Great British Bake Off / Love Productions / bbc.co.uk


Soggy bottoms should be punished by law

Well, that’s if Mary Berry had her way. The Queen of Cakes' disappointed look at the slightest hint of undercooked pastry is enough to make anyone hang up their apron.

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Soggy Bottom Gif

Via: Great British Bake Off, BBC / NowHereThis


Mary Berry rocks a bomber

Who didn’t consider swinging by Zara after Bezza sported that floral jacket? Or the neon number for that matter …

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Mary Berry Floral Jacket

Via: Great British Bake Off / BBC / bestdaily.co.uk


Those triple tested recipes go wrong. A lot. 

If you utter the words "family favourite" you might as well just give your bake the kiss of death. Those recipes that have been passed down for generations have a habit of sinking, drying up, or getting acquainted with the floor in the presence of Paul and Mary.

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Great British Bake Off Disasters

Great British Bake Off / Love Productions / bbc.co.uk


Sitting in front of an oven looking anxious is a lot more dramatic than some people think 

Britain is the only country in the world that would sit in front of the TV and snigger for an hour over cream buns puffing up in the oven.

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Mel and Paul GBBO oven

Via: Great British Bake Off / Love Productions / radiotimes.com


Substance over style (or is it the other way around?)

Last year’s Bake Off champion, Frances Quinn, and her cakes were accused on a weekly basis of lacking taste. Well, those breadsticks masquerading as matchsticks showed you, Mary and Paul (oh, and taking the GBBO crown too).


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Francis Quinn Matchsticks

Via: Great British Bake Off / BBC / metro.co.uk