Forget the elections, this is the vote that counts: the winner of Campaign for Real Ale’s Pub of the Year has been revealed

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Image: 7 things you need to know about the best pub in Britain

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Pub of the year: The Sally in Gloucerstershire

It sounds like something out of a (slightly more grown up) Disney story: a man, Peter Tiley, gives up his job as a business analyst to fulfil his dream of running a pub, The Salutation Inn. Just two years after pulling his first pint, he beats off competition from 50,000 other establishments to be awarded Campaign for Real Ale (Camra)’s pub of the year. Oh, we've gone all misty-eyed.


Never been? Here’s what you need to know about it ...

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Peter and Claire

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Pub landlords: Peter and Claire Tiley

1. It’s a rural gem in the small village of Ham 

Could be in a better named village? We think not! All hail Gloucestershire for having such a good monicker. It's been a pub since it was built in 1840, so is steeped in tradition 

2. The locals call it 'The Sally'

ALL the bext pubs have nicknames. You want to fit in while sipping that pint, don’t you?

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3. One Camra judge said it was like 'being invited into a private house as a friend'

That’s our kind of house with 2 cosy bars, a log fire and a skittles alley. Nice. 

4. The pub's lunches are beautifully unfussy

We’re talking ham rolls made from the pub’s home-bred pigs. They've been joined by chickens and once they harvest their potato crop the place will be offering truly 100% home-produced plates of ham, egg and chips. Give that man an award. Oh. 

5. You won’t get bored

There are a plethora of traditional pub games such as skittles and shove-ha’penny to keep you amused whilst you chat, eat and drink.

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6. It’s like being on The Archers (before it went all Eastenders)

No we don't mean its rammed with philandering countryfolk as imaged by Radio 4's finest: we mean there's live folk music and piano sing-alongs regularly.  

7. Camra described it as 'the definitive country alehouse'

The pub always serves between five and six real ales from local brewers such as the award-winning Severn Vale, and there's nine, yes nine, different ciders (such as Tom Oliver). Cheers.


8. Tiley only took over the pub in 2013

Our new fave landlord said, 'I'd worked in London for 8 years as an analyst in the telecommunications industry. I enjoyed it but knew it was not my passion. I really enjoyed good beer and I thought seriously about opening a micro​brewery, but then my ​dad told me this place was available and I thought it was too good an opportunity to miss.

'Now I have to pinch myself every day.​ This is good fun and it doesn’t feel like work ​– although running a pub is very hard work.'

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