Foam art is so last year. It's all about 3D printing for your cappuccinos now

Calling all coffee lovers! Your cuppa is about to get a makeover.


If your idea of a satisfying caffeine hit includes sipping a cappuccino with a picture of Miley Cyrus imprinted onto your foam, or an inspiring quote staring you in the face, then you're in luck: the Ripples coffee maker can print any image you like onto the top of your coffee. And we mean anything – watch the video above to see the machine in action.


The Ripples machine made its debut at CE Week in New York, and using 3D and inkjet printing mechanics, it can replicate whatever image you like onto your coffee in just 10 seconds.


With a $999 (£636) price tag, it runs a little steep for home use and is being aimed at coffee shops and small businesses.


It's official: this is guaranteed to make your Instagram feed the envy of everyone you know.

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