Turns out, the Georgians had it nailed

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Image: 300 year old ice cream? It's actually pretty tasty

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Tinned fruit and custard, boiled cabbage, jellied eels... old-school British food doesn't exactly inspire thoughts of culinary genius. 


But it might just be time to give the food of the past a little more credit. 


A project from AVM Curiosities, a company that explores history through food, has unearthed some delectable treats from 300 years ago, way back in Georgian times.


What did they find? Ice-cream.


Seriously. Turns out that creative cooks of the period devised an ingenious way of making the frozen treat (fill a bucket with ice, put a smaller bucket with the ingredients inside, pour salt on top of the ice cubes and stir sporadically for about an hour, until the mix is at the proper consistency) as well as some delicious-sounding flavours: we're talking apricot and orange blossom, brown bread, burnt hazelnut and chocolate "water ice" (sorbet, basically).


The company teamed up with Jolly Nice ice-cream to make some of the flavours a reality for Kensington Palace's two-day immersive Georgian festival – but we reckon those flavours sound good enough to steal and make at home...