Childcare and family pressures mean women have to decide between career and kids

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Via: BBC/Shine TV 

Long working hours are forcing talented female chefs to quit the industry, says MasterChef judge Monica Galetti.


The amount of time cooks are expected to spend in professional kitchens – often 16-hours a day – can end up proving incompatible with having a family, and is resulting in women putting down their knifes, the former Le Gavroche chef told the Radio Times


“The problem is that at a certain point women have to decide how much they want their career [versus] having a family and spending time with family," the New Zealander reveals. 


“That’s it. There’s no BS about it – the truth is, you’ve got to put it first to do well. I’ve seen many amazing chefs, girls, come into the kitchen and then give it up to be with their boyfriend. Would he do that for her? Hmm …"


And it's an issue that has affected her, personally. "My career took a back seat for the last seven years because I wanted to be a hands-on mother for my daughter [Anais]," she explains. 


But this looks set to change, as the news is that the former chef for Michel Roux Jr will be opening an eatery of her own next year – with locations in London's Fitzrovia and Marylebone reportedly being investigated.


On the new place, Galetti ​says: "I crave the kitchen and miss the buzz. I need to get the site right. I know my style of food and ingredients. I just need to get what’s inside my head right and put it out there." 


We can't wait! 



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