Another day, another diet but what were we all searching for in 2015?

You know Christmas is well and truly over when attentions turn to the dreaded January diet. *Groans*


But which weight-loss plans captured the attention of the pound-losing public this year? And what exactly do they involve because, let’s face it, we haven’t got a clue.


According to Google’s annual Zeitgeist, in 2014, you searched for ...

Clean 9 diet

They say: it cleanses your body of unnatural chemicals and helps with weight loss (12lbs in 9 days, apparently)
We say: the diet is calorie restricted and they tell you to exercise. So, what do the products you have to buy actually do? Apart from dent your wallet …
Good for: those who are disciplined 

Ultima diet

They say: a detox supplement nicknamed "the skinny pill" made with a blend of fruits and antioxidents. It claims to supress appetite, promote the retention of muscle and reduce fat
We say: while they claim it is "scientifically proved" to reduce fat, it’s a pricey option
Good for: gym bunnies or couch potatoes – they say it works with or without exercise

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Cookie monster

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Perricone diet

They say: a 28-day meal plan that will "transform your skin and body" with anti-inflammatory dishes

We say: meals rich in fish, protein and veg plus recommended daily exercise. This seems a sensible option to us
Good for: those who want to eat right and exercise rather than a quick fix


Atkins diet

They say: balanced carbs, delicious foods, quick results

We say: surely cutting out fruit and veggies isn’t good for you?
Good for: those who can’t live without their steak or burgers

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80/20 diet

They say: moderation is best, so 80% of the time you focus on clean eating (aka those good-for-you foods), and the other 20% you have the freedom to indulge as you please
We say: at least going out for dinner with friends won’t lead to an awkward menu discussion
Good for: a long term eating plan

Green coffee diet

They say: the pill is said to help suppress the appetite and encourage fat burning

We say: it's the talk of tinsel town with Demi Moore, Katy Perry and J-Lo rumoured to be taking it. However, a number of health professionals have warned of side-effects including high blood pressure and IBS
Good for: the A-list follower

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Home Simpson eating

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Exante diet

They say: choose from 5 simple diet plans for fast weight loss results

We say: another product-based diet plan = an expensive option
Good for: those who need telling exactly what to do 

4:3 diet

They say: feast for four days, fast for three and you’ll lose fat, not water
We say: you better watch what you’re eating on those feast days. Oh and did we mention that you’re meant to omit breakfast? *Cries*
Good for: those willing to take a whole new approach to eating

Sugar detox diet

They say: cut out sugar to lose weight, feel great and look younger

We say: it’s no secret that we consume far too much sugar but what about fruit?
Good for: those who can demolish half a packed of HobNobs waiting for the kettle to boil

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Clean eating diet

They say: eating more of the best and healthiest options in each of the food groups. That means cutting back on refined grains, added sugars, salt and unhealthy fats

We say: this isn’t about eating more or less of a particular food group, it’s about the food’s pathway between its origin and your plate
Good for: the mindful eater