Dan Doherty, Duck & Waffle's executive chef, tells us how to keep the best meal of the day stress-fress, inventive and, most of all, tasty

Saturday night on the tiles? So old hat. This is all about saving your social time for friends, good eggs and a booze-drenched brunch. 


But that doesn't mean heading out to a restaurant, as fun as that is. Putting on an 11am bash at home on a Sunday with a few bottles of fizz, a pot of decent coffee and something delicious is always a good idea. 


We caught up with swanky London restaurant Duck & Waffle's executive chef Dan Doherty – a brunch master to the extent that he makes DIY Nutella – for his brunching tips. 


Happy brunching! You're welcome.


1. Waste not, want not

"A total crowd-pleaser of a brunch is any hash using leftovers from the night-before's dinner. Take a roast for example: crush the potatoes, slice the meat and chop any veggies and stir them all together in butter until crisp. Fry a couple of eggs and you're good to go."


2. DIY meat platter

"If you're doing a big, build-it-yourself-style spread, play with loads of different cured meats and sausages. You can build layers of rich, deep, savoury flavour." 



3. Every day is a waffle day

"Serious about serving up top-notch, creative brunches? Invest in a waffle maker. It is so much fun experimenting with the batters and you can add ingredients like chopped ham and cheese, matching up sweet and savoury flavours …yum."


4. Go off-piste

"Don't keep it too traditional. Breakfast ideas from other cultures can be fantastic inspiration. In Bangladesh, I once had this sort of vegetable hash with fried eggs, flat breads and pickles and it was outstanding."




5. Don't forget the booze

"Booze? I love a classic bloody mary at brunch, or perhaps an aperol spritz. Another decadent idea is this peach melba float recipe I created using pink fizz and scoops of Häagen-Dazs strawberries and cream. So good." 


6. Organisation is key

"As with anytime you've got a table of people at your place, prep, prep, prep. Don't try to do fiddly specific items for a crowd, like meat that needs to be medium rare. Big dishes that can be baked, pancakes that you can keep warm in the oven and really great bread are the way to go." 


Dan Doherty of London’s Duck & Waffle is working with Häagen-Dazs to launch the Master Ice Cream Academy. To be the first to find out more check out haagendazsuk.tumblr.com/ 


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