It's all about chocolate in tonight's penultimate episode of The Great British Bake Off. Here's what to expect – and eat – while watching the drama unfold

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Image: Pumped for the semi-final of Bake Off tonight? Make this dessert to celebrate.

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Let's be honest, Bake Off viewers, we haven't been giving up our Wednesday nights for 9 weeks to marvel at Mary Berry's weekly instalment of statement jackets, have a laugh at Mel and Sue's cream horn innuendos or attempt to better our baking skills. We're into Bake Off for one thing and one thing only: the food porn. And tonight, fellow sugar addicts, we've hit the jackpot.


That's right, it's chocolate o'clock in the tent this evening and there's so much of the sweet, glossy stuff that you can fully expect to have a night of confusingly passionate dreams about it, followed by a manic morning spent hunting down the nearest pain au chocolat before work tomorrow.

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GBBO contestants

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Only a few remain … find out who got sent home last week here


Start your engines

The episode kicks off with the contestants making a classic chocolate tart for the signature challenge, and there's all manner of ganaches, mousse and caramel indulgence produced for Paul and Mary. What did you expect, rice crispy cakes?



Will they rise to the challenge?

Next, for the technical challenge, bakers must make a perfect chocolate soufflé. The timing for such a bake is so tricky that contestants will have staggered starts, ramping up the tension as each person plans the exact moment their soufflés are cooked to the last gooey second.



The next-to-final showdown

The last challenge of the episode sees the bakers create chocolate centrepieces so stunning they could put Willy Wonka out of business. It's a broad task and the contestants are pulling out all the stops to impress the judges, so expect something spectacular. We may even cry.



But you don't need to get a sweat on for the sake of a nice chocolate hit. Instead, make these absolutely divine (and super easy) molten chocolate cakes for dessert. They're ready in 20 minutes and only take 10 minutes to prepare, so you can lick the melted choc bowl while watching the show-stoppers being presented. Chocs away.




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